Waters in the Wilderness

Scripture and Spanish Guitar

Track 3. Halelluyah!


Scripture foretold the coming of the Messiah, and Yahushua was the fulfilment of those prophecies. This song uses scripture to trace His identity, and personally asks Him to forgive, and to remember us. Followers of the Messiah were known as Messianites. This title was first applied to them in Antioch. (Acts 11:26).

The term, Christian, evolved three hundred years later, when apostates from the Truth merged with worshippers of Christos Helios, or ‘Christ the Sun-god.’ This Roman Catholic religion, with its idolatry and pagan root, flourished in the anti-Semitic atmosphere of Constantine’s empire, falsely teaching that the Church had replaced Yisra’el.

Hostile sentiments towards the Jews also existed among celebrated “Church fathers,” such as Chrysostom, Augustine, Martyr and Origen.

These hostilities are echoed in the sermons and writings of Martin Luther, a prominent Christian in Germany. His malicious work of 1543 C.E. entitled ‘On the Jews and their lies,’ incited Hitler and the Nazis to murder six million Jews during the second world war.

Their first violent assualt against the Jews took place on the anniversary of Luther’s birth, 10/11/1938. Known as Kristallnacht, it involved the shattering of Jewish shop windows, the burning of hundreds of synagogues, and the murder of Jews.



“Come, and let us wipe them out as a nation, and let the name of Yisra’el be remembered no more.”

Tehillim/Psalm 83:4.


Teh/Ps 92:1
Teh/Ps 122:6
Teh/Ps 122:4
Ber/Gen 22:18
Yesh/Isa 7:14
Yesh/Isa 42:1
Mik/Mic 5:2
Shem/Ex 12:13
Halelluyah to the Most High !
And Shalom upon Yerushalayim !
El Shaddai, my Abba, thank You,
For your promise of Messiah !
"When a virgin shall conceive a Son,”
You will know He is the Chosen One.
Immanu’el brought forth in Beyth-Lechem,
Blood Atonement for the sins of men.
Luke 19:41&42
Heb 13:15
Luke 2:11
Luke 1:26-32
Mat 12:18
Luke 2:4
Mat 26:28
Teh/Ps 2:7
Yirm/Jer 14:8
Teh/Ps 16:10
Yesh/Isa 25:7-9
Ber/Gen 22:8
Yesh/Isa 53:4
Bem/Num 19:3
Shem/Ex 12:46
I confess He is the Great Yahuweh !
Son of Dawid, Hope of Yisra’el !
I believe He died and rose again,
Yahushua, the Messiah !
Pesach Lamb, You died for all our sins,
Please forgive me, I’m so sorry !
Offered up outside the city wall,
Not a bone of Yours was broken !
Mark 14: 61&62
Luke 19:41&42
Romans 10:9
Mark 16:6
Yohanan 1:29
Mat 8:17
Yohanan 19:20
Yohanan 19:33
Zek/Zec 14:4
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Teh/Ps 110:1-2
Yohanan 14:2&3
Ber/Gen 1:1-4
Yohanan 17:5
Deb/Duet 6:4
Yo’el 2:31&32
You will soon return to earth Sovereign,
In the same way You departed;
You will come to rule and reign that day,
Bringing those whom You have ‘caught away.’
With Ruach ha-Qodesh You share,
The Sh’khinah of Your Father;
You are One, so Elohim I see !
Yahushua, remember me !
Rev 22:20
Rev 1:7&8
Rev 19:11-16
1 Thess 4:14
Yohanan 1:1-5
Yohanan 1:14
Yohanan 14:9
Luke 23:42-45

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