Waters in the Wilderness

Scripture and Spanish Guitar

Golssary of terms


(The Father’s Name). Literally translated as ‘I Am’. Shemoth/Exodus 3:13-15.


(The Son’s Name). Literally translated as ‘I Am Deliverance.’ Mattithyahu 1:21. Also see Yohanan/John 5:43.


(The Messiah/The Anointed One).

Ruach Ha-Qodesh:

(The Set-Apart Spirit) i.e. pure, not contaminated by the world. In Yohanan 14:26, Yahushua refers to the Set-Apart Spirit as ‘The Helper.’


(The Almighty).

El Shaddai:

(The Breasted One/ The All Sufficient One).




(The splendour of Yahuweh’s presence/His esteem).


These are the appointed times of Yahuweh, given to us in Wayyiqra/Leviticus 23.


A greeting and a significant blessing with which this collection of Scripture and Spanish Guitar opens and closes.

The Tanak are The Pre-Messianic Scriptures, comprising of:

The Torah:

The Law, (instructions for eternal life).

The Nebi’im:

The Prophets.

The Kethubim:

The Writings.

The Messianic Scriptures:

Also known as the Brit Chadasha (Renewed Covenant), these writings follow on from the Tanak. They commence with the genealogy of the Messiah and His birth, as recorded in Mattithyahu, and end with the book of Revelation.

The Tanak and the Messianic Scriptures are together, the unchanging Word of Yahuweh, interwoven with prophecy and fulfilment.

Books for research:

‘Come out of her My people,’ a publication by the Institute for scripture research of South Africa. The Scriptures,’ a translation which honours the Name of Yahuweh (Tehillim/Psalm 96:8), and avoids pagan names. Shemoth/Exodus 23:13. Both are available from: www.messianic.co.za

‘Names,’ by Todd D. Bennett, a publication by Shema Yisrael. www.shemayisrael.net

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